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Trust Cerebro with your most challenging tasks

For animation studios.
Bring the most ambitious ideas to life full-length projects and series!.
With Cerebro, you can rest easy at any stage of creating your animated masterpieces.
Easy communication with colleagues, fast transfer of even the largest files to any continent and control over the performance of each task.
Cerebro’s unique tools help you manage complex visual materials and leave video annotations and drawings over your files, even in Onion Skin mode.

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Thursday September 10, 2020

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Try it FOR FREE Learn about Cerebro Save up to 30% of your time

In Cerebro, you will get multiple tools in one system – convenient commenting, file storage and tracking even the most challenging and long-term projects Audiovisual annotations to any video or image files.
Don’t waste your time on meetings – leverage Cerebro to add your audio and visual annotations to any 2K/4K video, sequences and standalone images and speed up the process of receiving feedback.
Discuss and comment with our unique tool Mirada – this will be just as easy as having a meeting in the conference room, even if you are on different continents.
Unlimited file transfer and storage features.
True collaboration.

Tuesday September 08, 2020

Insights. Insights. Insights. Sharing our expertise for the evolution of all.  Cogent Resources. We’ve been around for over 13 years, which is about 40 in digital consultancy years. In that time, we’ve learnt a whole lot and think there are plenty of insights that we …

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Cerebro will help you set up file exchange between employees

freelancers, and remote users.
You may have several levels of access with our special user rights configuration.
Transfer any file types without sacrificing speed.
Secure data storage.

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Friday September 11, 2020

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Various Cerebro installation options enable the use of your own encryption certificates

Securely store your data and make your own Cerebro with our customization options

Trust Cerebro with your most challenging tasks.

Bring complex ideas to life with Cerebro’s extensive features

Gain new energy to unleash your imagination and enjoy making creative projects.

View all features High productivity

Try Mirada, the visual annotation system.
Record audio messages and draw your comments visual materials of any format or size.
Mark the required edits and send them to your colleagues.
Integration with applications.
You no longer need to worry about the source materials.
Work directly from Adobe, Autodesk or your preferred software – our plugins will automatically carry over your tasks and activities in Cerebro.

Configure your pipeline and asset validation with the Python SDK

Mobile application.

A smartphone is all you need to efficiently work in Cerebro

Create and delegate tasks, report on progress and attach files any images and files.
Powered by Cerebro.
Market leaders choose Cerebro.
“It is very useful and user-friendly.
It works really well for everybody.
You can visualize and track the process.
The supervisor or anyone else can log in to track the process and share information.
This is just amazing.” Felipe Morell Digitz Film “Since Cerebro is convenient and easy to use it only took our team a week to get used to the new interface.” Vadim Sotskov KinoAtis “Cerebro is running the current series and the design department will soon switch to Cerebro too.
It creates a single information space where nothing can be lost.
It is important for me that with Cerebro I can see whether the projects are progressing or identify potential issues.” Boris Mashkovtsev Soyuzmultfilm Meet our clients Try Cerebro and make sure that.


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