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Solutions for special purpose vehicles

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Personnel Exposure Monitoring .
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Detecting units (Probes).
Solutions for special purpose vehicles.
Your personal safety.
DRG-T – Radiation Survey Device The board radiation survey device that generates signals and commands for crew life support systems .
The device is designed for installation in special-purpose vehicles, in particular in radiochemical reconnaissance units of civil defense, and armed forces.
It is used for continuous monitoring of gamma radiation exposure dose rate.
More Software and Hardware Complex GeoRad The software and hardware complex can be fixed on the vehicle and is used for the construction of portable radiological and radiochemical laboratories.
More BDBG-15S for Gamma Radiation Detection BDBG-15S is designed to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation in a wide range of values.
Suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles , mobile robotic devices and automated systems of radiation monitoring.
More Monitoring Device KDU-6BM The product is a part of the ship’s life support system and is designed to collect, process, visualize information about radiation environment aboard and determine the direction towards the source of radiation in order to take measures on crew protection from ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination, and ship maneuvering in the area that has been exposed to radioactive contamination from nuclear weapons, man-triggered disasters or other reasons.
More Vehicle detectors are also available among the radiation measurement instruments of ECOTEST trademark.
DRG-T is a board radiation survey detector that generates signals and commands for the crew life support systems.
The PRHR-ME radiation and chemical survey device belongs to professional equipment for special purposes, which is used at fixed and portable objects.
PRHR-ME measures gamma radiation of low and high levels and reveals the vapors of organophosphorous and arsenic-containing toxic substances in the air.
In case of their threshold levels exceeding, it automatically triggers the actuators of the object’s protection equipment.
The feature of this vehicle detector is the detection of a nuclear explosion.
More GeoRad is a hardware and software system that is fixed on the vehicle and is used for construction of portable radiological or radiochemical laboratories.
BDBG-15S is a compact-sized intelligent detecting unit of gamma radiation developed to be installed in unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile robotic devices and automated systems of radiation monitoring.
BDBG-15S is based on highly sensitive scintillation detector and features a high vibration and impact resistance.
KDU-6BM is a shipboard radiation monitoring equipment, which allows taking measurements ranging from background values, as well as accurate determining of the direction towards the detected radiation source.
Vehicle detectors of ECOTEST trademark enable continuous monitoring of the radiation situation and protecting the crew in case of emergency situations.

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