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service members “losers.” READ THE REST

/ David Pescovitz / 7:42 am Thu Sep 10

2020 US Navy bans hemp shampoos, lotions, and soaps.

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Monday September 07, 2020

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The US Navy has banned sailors and Marines from using shampoo

lotions, and other body care products that contain hemp or cannabidiol.
According to the official statement, their rationale is that the products could contain so much THC that it might “negatively impact mission readiness and disqualify a sailor from continued service.” From Stars and Stripes: The new rule follows a ban imposed last summer by the Navy on the ingestion of products containing hemp or hemp derivatives without a valid prescription, after a 2018 farm bill removed low-THC hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.[…] The new rule still allows for the use of CBD-containing products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration , if a service member has a valid prescription.
The rules do not prohibit the use of “durable hemp goods” such as rope, twine or clothing[…] “We have to be fit to fight and can’t take a risk in allowing our sailors to consume or use these types of products,” said L.
Parker, .

2012 by Pierre Hall
Tuesday September 08, 2020

Tag Archive | operating systems September 21 2012 by Pierre Hall. in. Leave a comment. Get modern stay modern. It has been a few weeks since I last posted but with holidays, the odd global sporting event and growing schedule of product releases – it has …

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Head of the drug detection and deterrence branch of the 21st Century Sailor office

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cannabis / cbd / hemp / military / navy / separate the rope from the dope.
GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER Under fire, Trump says ‘Stars and Stripes’ funding won’t be cut.
The president has called fallen U.
service members “losers.” READ THE REST .

Letter from cStor CEO: COVID-19 Response & Relief
Friday September 11, 2020

cStor Implements Meditech EHR System Infrastructure Upgrade for Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center cStor Named to the 2020 Tech Elite 250 by CRN. Letter from cStor CEO: COVID-19 Response & Relief. March 23, 2020 no comments in Data Center, Experts Blog, . ManageWise cStor COVID-19 …

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Army Cyber Command completes move to Georgia base

The command of the United States Army that defends against internet-based threats celebrated its move into a new $366 million headquarters in Georgia on Thursday.
“Created a decade ago, the Army Cyber Command had been spread across Army installations in three states before consolidating at Fortitude Hall, .

Its new home at Fort Gordon in Augusta,” […] READ THE REST

No military role in elections, top U.

General reassures Congress and voters

Army General Mark Milley is the top U.
general, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
On Friday, he told lawmakers he did not foresee America’s military forces playing any role in the election process, or resolving any possible disputed outcome for the November p residential election.

Trump has previously hinted that he would […] READ THE REST

The Wave method is music and vibration meditation like you’ve never experienced before.
We all understand the healing powers of music.
Putting on your favorite songs, zoning out, and letting the immersive sensation wash over you and carry you away is part of music’s universal appeal.
And the link between music and feeling good isn’t just anecdotal.
In four separate research trials, .

Music therapy was found to reduce […] READ THE REST

Take your career to the next level with this hands-on entrepreneur training.
The great thing about online education is that no matter where you feel you need to shore up your skill sets, there’s a package of coursework that can help get you there.
You just have to know where to look.  Skillingo assembles those training packages, .

Grouping up series of classes all directed toward some area […] READ THE REST

Innovative pockets make these awesome bamboo sheet sets the ultimate room declutterer.
What’s on the nightstand by your bed.
Probably a lamp, maybe a clock, your phone, a tablet, a pair of glasses, some books you haven’t read yet, some tissues, a remote control, and likely at least a few other personal items.  Before you realize it, .

You’ve stacked up a lot of stuff on that tiny […] READ THE REST

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