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LA Machine Learning / Data Science Meetup


Sie spielen jetzt um echtes Geld
Tuesday September 08, 2020

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SatRday LA – R Conference Announcement

January 28, 2019.

Trust Cerebro with your most challenging tasks
Tuesday September 08, 2020

For animation studios. Bring the most ambitious ideas to life full-length projects and series!. With Cerebro, you can rest easy at any stage of creating your animated masterpieces. Easy communication with colleagues, fast transfer of even the largest files to any continent and control over …

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Education / Machine Learning / Data Science / Meetups / R

Amy Tzu-Yu Chen .
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Kayzerfish and most recently Kuti
Tuesday September 08, 2020

Ralf Hebecker. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Since 2012, Ralf Hebecker has been Professor of Games Design and Production at the University of applied sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg), from 2006-10 he taught as lecturer for Interaction Design at Otago University in New Zealand . He is …

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Come and have fun with local useRs at SatRday LA on April 6


This is the first SatRday in LA

and the second in the states.
If you have not heard of SatRday, it is a one-day affordable, inclusive, non-profit R conference organized by local R users.
Important Details.
Who: All levels of R users When: April 6.

2019 Where: UCLA James West Alumni Center Price: $35 for professionals

$15 for students Call for Presentations: now ~ Feb 10, 2019 How Can I participate.

SatRday LA is accepting submissions (30/45min talk

poster, and 5min lightning talk) until Feb 10.
This is a good chance to share and connect with LA R community .
You can find submission guidelines or buy a ticket at  losangeles2019.satrdays.org/ To sponsor, follow, or connect with SatRday LA.
– @satRdays_org on Twitter – [email protected] Amy Tzu-Yu Chen .
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LA R Meetup.
LA Machine Learning / Data Science Meetup.
DataVis LA Meetup.
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