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Bildwerte – Visualität in der digitalen Medienkultur

Conference “Clash of Realities”.
Bildwerte – Visualität in der digitalen Medienkultur.
Gundolf S.

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Tuesday September 08, 2020

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Freyermuth / Lisa Gotto (Hg.) With the transition from industrial to digital culture

new visual media are emerging – but they do not come out of nowhere.
They emerge gradually, in a complex interplay of technological and social, aesthetic and epistemological factors.
The contributions in this volume are devoted to this change in pictorial forms, which was initiated in the course of digitization, and reflect on it from various perspectives of media history and media theory.

Hvordan deaktiveres Flash cookies5
Monday September 07, 2020

Cookiepolitik. Introduktion. Vi ønsker at være gennemsigtige over for vores brugere om, hvordan vi indsamler og bruger deres data. For at finde ud af mere om dette og om os, som datastyrer, . Kan du læse vore Privatlivspolitik Denne Cookiepolitik har til formål at gøre …

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