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and perspectives that make up the AV industry

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Maximizing Your Organization’s Work-From-Home Productivity .
Discussions about working from home have been growing louder among m any business circles within and outside the AV industry and have crescendoed during recent months.
The need to stay at home, coupled with the availability and benefits of technology, have made working from home a more desirable reality for a greater percentage of the workforce […] The Art of Standardization.
With the simplification of systems, the availability of training, the move toward the adoption of modern programming languages, and the rise in configuration or “no programming required” options, it can be tempting to simply hire a programmer or contract a resource that can write code to make AV systems work.
While this seemingly easy win […] Using Frameworks to Streamline AV System Design .
Frameworks are an essential part of a software developer ’s arsenal, allowing them to focus on what is unique about a project or need rather than spending time reinventing the wheel on routine components.
Call it efficiency, laziness, or human nature, most people don’t like doing the same mundane task over and over again with no […] How Software Can Extend Your Systems’ Lifespans.
Whether it’s in response to limited resources, budgetary restrictions, or an economic downturn, the opportunity to get more from existing systems can be accomplished without the need to upgrade hardware or radically change installation s.
The easiest element to modify when looking to improve system performance, add functionality, and/or adjust the user interface is the software […] Finding Silver Linings in the COVID-19 Pandemic .
Are there really silver linings in a pandemic.
While we adapt to the new normal of social distancing , working from home, and shelter in place, fears abound about health, safety, and finances as do frustrations about isolation, schedule disruptions, and uncertainty.
It proves to be a very difficult time to be optimistic and have a […] Finding New Ideas From Diverse Perspectives.

promote and support Simformotion LLC products
Tuesday September 08, 2020

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The influence of AVIXA’s Diversity Council has fueled thoughts of mindfulness

acceptance, and increased awareness of the variety of individuals, organizations, and perspectives that make up the AV industry.
Support of diversity is not just about inclusion of different races, religions, genders, or preferences; it is about finding a common ground where everyone can relate, […] Making a Difference Through Customer Experience.
In these times of fierce competition, diminishing margins, and blurred lines of product differentiation, one way to stand out against changes in the market is by listening to your customer and delivering a memorable customer experience.
When was the last time that you had a great customer experience.
What aspect of it made it notable.
[…] Training Employees for Successful AV Careers.
While we may focus our attention on the challenge of attracting young people to the industry, providing effective training that brings newcomers up to speed quickly and efficiently is just as important.
In the AV industry, there are no specific degrees, formal education tracks, or comprehensive training programs that truly prepare someone for a successful […] Tips For a Strong Finish to Your Next Project.

How Datera Simplifies Storage for Container Clouds
Friday September 11, 2020

Solutions Data Center . Databases. Containers. Virtualization. DevOps. Clouds. Solutions Overview. Data Center. Databases. Containers. Virtualization. DevOps. Clouds. Solutions. Today’s enterprises depend on leveraging more application s and data than ever before, driving leaders to modernize IT for optimal agility, simplicity and cost savings. From …

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When a new AV project is announced

there is a remarkable amount of time, care, and effort invested during its infancy.
Identifying needs, evaluating equipment, documenting requirements, and designing solutions are some of the critical steps during the initial planning phase.
Significant attention is also paid to budgets, coordination of trades, negotiation of contracts, establishment […] Maintaining Strong Business Relationships.
The pursuit of relationships is a popular topic for discussion in the AV industry nowadays.
Whether from the perspective of technology managers who seek a relationship-based partner rather than a transactional vendor, or AV services providers that are in pursuit of client relationships that yield positive results, appreciation, and repeat business; both parties must take […] 1.
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