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Charts of the week: 2018 midterm elections data

By Fred DewsA selection of charts, graphs, or maps from Brookings experts’ recent research on aspects of the 2018 midterm elections.
A Record number of women ran for and won political office
“In the 2018 elections, women played a bigger role than they have in any other election in American history,” Elaine Kamarck writes in new analysis of women candidates for office this year. She observes that 255 women from the two major parties ran for office, and a total of 106 have won (as of Nov. 7).

Contemporizing Classics (9 Photos)
Monday November 26, 2018

  Brazilian designer Rodrigo Pinheiro, a.k.a. Paste in Place, discovered the art of collage at a young age. As a child, he would spend hours cutting up the pages of old magazines and arranging the images anew, giving life to the imaginary worlds in his …

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28 percent of candidates Trump ENDORSED won
Kamarck offers data on the number of candidates that prominent political figures—Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders—endorsed and campaigned for, and how many of those candidates won. The candidates endorsed by President Trump had the lowest win rate (28 percent), but nearly three of five candidates Trump campaigned for won. Yet, as Kamarck notes, the president endorsed and campaigned only in highly-Republican districts. “Consistent with his behavior since being elected,” she writes, “Trump made no effort to convert voters in this election, mostly playing to his base.”

How much does the world spend on the Sustainable Development Goals?
Monday July 29, 2019

By Homi Kharas, John McArthurPouring several colors of paint into a single bucket produces a gray pool of muck, not a shiny rainbow. So too with discussions of financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Jumbling too many issues into the same debate leads to policy …

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Democrats gained among whites across gender, AGE, and education lines
“The 2018 exit polls,” writes Bill Frey, “indicate that a considerable share of Democratic gains came from shifts in white voting patterns, even as Democrats retained strong support from racial minorities.” In new analysis, Frey shows that not only did minorities–blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other non-white groups–turn out to vote at an all-time high, but the margin between white support for Democrats and Republicans shrank by half.

Brave Man Saves 400-lb Black Bear From Drowning
Monday July 29, 2019

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Black bears are rather intimidating, growing up to 6ft tall and weighing in anywhere between 200-600 pounds – they’re massive. Common throughout the United States, residents are generally used to spotting them and know what to do. When wildlife officials …

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