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The 21st Century Approach to Enrollment Management

Admission officers know that it’s a highly competitive market place. And there can be many obstacles and barriers to finding, enrolling, and retaining students. The last thing admission officers want to do is have barriers put in their way.

and perspectives that make up the AV industry
Friday September 11, 2020

| 201.797.7900. Media. Maximizing Your Organization’s Work-From-Home Productivity . Discussions about working from home have been growing louder among m any business circles within and outside the AV industry and have crescendoed during recent months. The need to stay at home, coupled with the availability …

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Liz Schmitt, Chief Enrollment and Student Affairs Officer at Miss Porter’s School, an all girl’s K-12 school in Connecticut shares insights into how onBoard, Blackbaud’s enrollment management system, makes the admission process cleaner and easier to access.
Take two minutes to watch the video above to learn from Liz’s experience. From personalizing the parent experience, the enrollment and retention benefits of accessing a fully integrated database, to no longer chasing contracts!
Learn more about onBoard today! Sign up for a free demo.
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Friday September 11, 2020

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