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6 ways unemployed graduates can keep busy and stay sane

So you’ve finally graduated and are trying to decide what to do with all that spare time you’ve suddenly found yourself with. Finding your calling in life isn’t always the easiest thing to do, particularly when there are so many options out there. So rather than sitting on your couch and watching the game, how about keeping your brain (and possibly your fingers) active with a hobby to fill the hours while you decide what is right for you. You never know, your hobby may even become your calling!

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Friday September 11, 2020

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Volunteer Work
Volunteering is a truly rewarding gift that can make you feel great just by helping others out. If you can, opt for something that you feel you might get some benefit out of – for example, helping out at a dog pound if you’re a big animal lover, or grabbing a great vintage dress while you’re working in a thrift store. Even if you’ve not got the most glamorous of volunteer work, remember that while you’re deciding what career path to take, any additional work looks amazing on your resume. Go on, give a little bit of your time to someone who needs it.
Selling Your Skills
Are you a crafty person? Perhaps your talent for customizing clothing can be a little money earner for you? Or maybe you’ve always been great at web design and can maybe help some people out in exchange for cash or kudos? Whatever your gift, there is bound to be someone out there that will want it. Try freelancing sites such as www.fiverr.com
if you’ve got IT or creative design skills, or head to forums that specialize in your handicraft to see if there is anything you can offer out there. Be careful if you do sell online that you’ve calculated the cost of the materials of the thing you’ve made and your time into the price before parting with the goods, though. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste.
Getting Creative
There are thousands of projects out there on Pinterest and Instagram to keep you busy, so why are you staring at a computer screen instead of raiding your craft bin? If you’re not really into needlecraft of cutting and gluing, though, there are plenty of more manly tasks involving woodworking and concrete pouring if that’s more your thing. There are also plenty of things you can make for your home which you can show off next time your buddies come around while you wear an ‘I made that’ grin.
A Passion Project
On that note, we’ve all got our own pet project that we’ve put on the back burner to do ‘one day’ that we’ve never got around to completing. You know the one – the half-recorded song that you were going to upload on Youtube, or the unfinished watercolor painting of your nanna’s dog that you intended to give to her on her birthday two years ago. Whatever it is that you may have forgotten, it’s worth getting it back out again if only for the sense of smugness you feel when you’ve finally completed it.
Writing may be a hobby for you now, but who knows if it could turn into a career somewhere along the line – after all, it did for us! You don’t have to write the latest Harry Potter to get a sense of satisfaction either, sometimes writing about something you are truly passionate about is the best way of getting those creative juices flowing. Stick your writing up on a blog post, and you may well find that you meet lots of other people who share similar passions and thoughts to you online, opening up a world of friendships. Or you could just write for pleasure on sites such as www.quora.com and give people advice. It sure does feel good to play agony aunt for a while.
Get Active
If you’re not signed up for a gym, then head on down and see if it’s right for you. Most local gyms offer a free trial session to see how you get on. Some are even combined with a personal training session too! If that’s still not sounding appealing, then maybe you’re more suited to group exercise. Check out classes to see if there is anything that appeals. As well as getting fit and healthy, they are an excellent way of meeting new like-minded people.

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Or you could always try your hand at a charitable run, which offers you structure in the form of a deadline which should keep you motivated to work out. Couple that and the guilt of not finishing the race and letting the charity down should be all the motivation you need to try your hardest to succeed.
More Qualifications, Anyone?
This one is put here for those of you who haven’t been put off long-term education despite spending several years at college. If you find yourself stuck with what to do, despite all of our suggestions, maybe, just maybe, another course is for you! There are plenty of online sites that you can use to study from, as well as Google’s own database of courses too. Alternatively, you may prefer a bricks and mortar institution. Many people leave college and go on to night school to learn a language or other business skills which can be invaluable to them once they enter the job market. Whatever your interests, you are bound to find a course for you – although, maybe give yourself a little rest first, eh?
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Friday September 11, 2020

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